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    Pizza lunch. Bake sale. Fundraising. This isn't just School Council. It's a social movement.

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    Running a Sustainable School Council

  • What I Do

    I work with school councils to forge an engaged school community as a strategy for improving student achievement.

    Engage Parent PRO Grant School Council Jocelyn Reyes Midghall

    The Need

    Parents + School + Community = Whole Child

    It takes a village to raise a child. Now more than ever, we need to re-imagine how we can make the most out of our children's time at school. With teacher burnout and an education funding formula that barely covers the basics in the classroom, families, schools and the community must begin having honest conversations while embracing different points of view and start collaborating to provide supports to sustain change.

    Engage Parent PRO Grant School Council Jocelyn Reyes Midghall

    The Solution

    Build capacity for effective engagement

    There is a powerful connection between student achievement and parent engagement. Prior evidence suggests that when parents assume leadership roles on school councils, in close partnership with principals, their influence on both the content and processes of school improvement is considerable. Overtime, that collaboration between the families and the school, along with their community makes an impact in student well-being.

  • Who Am I

    I'm on a mission to show parents how they can collaborate with their child's school to make the most out of school time.

    Engage Parent Jocelyn Reyes Midghall

    I'm a parent volunteer and education advocate with lofty ideas.

    I’m an information junkie. I enjoy networking with other like-minded people and always on the lookout for synergies within the community. It's hard to imagine but at one time, my presence in a school council meeting was frowned at. They didn't want me there; I challenge the status quo! But enough about me - let's talk about you. You need new tools and strategies to engage your school community so the kids can learn and the teachers can teach. I can help you make a difference in the lives of young people!

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